This machine is designed for grinding and polishing natural stone. The machine is adapted to work with the double-car head driven by a belt transmission from the main motor. Guiding of the head is done manually by using the arm on which a control desk is placed. The use of a pneumatic pressure of the head makes the operator's work much easier and increase the lifetime of the grinding elements and reduce change time of the tool.


The machine's construction is made of closed profiles (a square pipe and a rectangular one) thanks to which its pedestal and arms are very stable apart from relatively low weight of the machine.



Basic parameters:

Dimensions of machine 2300x600x3750
dimensions of the grinded or polished surface 1800x1300 mm
Power supply 6 kW / 400V / 16 A / 50 Hz
Spindle speed 390 obr/min
Lifting up and lowering head 1,5 kW
Pressure in the pneumatic system 0,8 MPa
Water consumption 20 l/min
Weight 650 kg


Available the following models:

model control
PSK/1800x1300/M manual

Additional equipment :