The stone cutting saw PTP/3000 is used for cutting stone blocks into plates of given gauge. The construction of the saw allows installing a cutting disc of a diameter to 3000mm which gives the depth of the cut of approx. 1250 mm. It is very helpful in stone dressing factories based on its own material resources.


Working motion of the saw is the motion of the support with cutting disc along guide bar mounted between two vertical steel columns of the frame. Supporting structure is the steel frame made by welded steel beams. Trapezoid bolts for lifting the beam with saw disc are placed in the columns. Moving work table with the stone block is used to shift the gauge of the plate.

The length of the tracks allows moving the table in a way that enables the machine to load and set the stone block. Electronic multiple cuts programmer enable to precisely set thickness of the cuting stone plates and the number of stone plates to cut.

Low cost of making foundations, small workshops area taken by the saw, speed and accuracy of the cut at the low working cost (30 kW motor) as well as relatively low price of the machine, their assembly and installation at a clients place are the additional advantages of the machine.



1) Steel frame supporting structure a) two vertical steel columns b) upper bond 2) Moving beam contains guide bars of saw 3) Two parallel trapezoid bolts for lifting the beam with saw disc 4) Support with power transmission system of his move and the spindle of the saw 5) Table for fastening material

Basic parameters:

Dimensions of machine 5500x7500x6500 mm
Disc diameter 3000 mm
Dimension of working area width 3500mm, length 1500mm, cutting deep 1250mm
Table dimensions 1500x2000 mm
Power supply 30 kW/400V/63A/50Hz
Spindle speed Constant, acc. Individual arrangements
Table drive Vs=0-3,8m/min / PS=1,1kW
Support drive Vw=0-5,1 m/min / PS=1,1kW
Lifting and lowering of the support Vd=25cm/min / PS=2,2kW
Water consumption 60 l /min
Weight 5800 kg


Available the following models:

model control

PTP/3000/3500x1500x1250/MA manual + automatic of single cuts
PTP/3000/3500x1500x1250/FA automatic of multiple cuts
PTP/3000/3500x1500x1250/MFA manual + automatic of multiple cuts

Additional equipment :