The frame saw with the single diamond rope is adapted to split stone blocks to separate parts as well as cut them into plates. By using the adjustable speed control of the rope the machine can cut granit, marble and other types of stones.



The frame saw construction consists of two columns joined together with the steel beams.

The rope wheels of a 1000mm diameter each are installed on the columns. The rope wheels lifting and lowering is done by the electric motor driving the trapezoid bolts placed inside the columns.

The diamond rope is driven by the belt transmission from the electric motor in which the rotary speed is regulated by the frequency converter. The machine is equipped with the pneumatic system of the rope's tightening with adjustable tightening force.

The adjustment and the programming of the frame saw working parameters are done by using the control panel. The programmed parameters - the diamond rope fall as well as the gauge and the number of the stone plates being cut are shown on the LED display.

The self - propelled truck driven by the gear-motor (used for the stone block's transporting) is included in the frame saw's equippment.




Basic parameters:

Dimension of machine 5500x8000x6500 mm
Cutting length 3500 mm
Cutting deep 2000 mm
Power supply 15kW/400V/40A/50Hz
Rope speed do 50 m/s
Speed of rope lowering do 3 cm/min
Speed of lifting up 40 cm/min
Rope diameter 8 mm
Water consumption 25l / min
Weight 8500 kg


Available the following models:

model control

PTL/3500x1500x2000/A automatic
PTL/3500x1500x2000/MA manual+automatic

Additional equipment :