Single head machine designed for grinding and polishing of stone plates (standard working area 3m x 3m).

A spindle is driven by a motor of 11kW or 15kW depending on the type of used grinding head (the head is not included). The grinding head is pressed to the polished surface by hydraulic cylinders.


The control panel mounted on grinding machine enables manual and automatic work. In the automatic mode an operator can program from one to nine full passes of the head along the stone plate, and one of five movement modes:


1. movement along the plate edges; it is so-called adjusting motion - the operator checks if the plate is placed and levelled properly

2. the motion along the length of the plate

3. the motion along the width of the plate

4. the alternate motion (one cycle along the length, the other along the width of the surface)

5. the zigzag - diagonal motion


After doing programed number of cycles the spindle automatically rises above the stone plate and turns off. Having checked the quality of the surface the operator changes segments of head to a higher fraction and after turning the machine on again may do some other work.



Basic parameters:

Dimensions of machine 3000x4300x4300 mm
Dimension of working area 3000x3000 mm
Power supply 14 kW / 400V / 30 A / 50 Hz
Spindle speed 410 rpm
Frame drive V=3,5 m/min / PS= 1,1 kW
Slider drive V=3,5 m/min / PS= 1,1 kW
Water consumption 30 l/min
Weight 1900 kg


Available the following models:

model control
PAP/3000x3000/MA manual+automatic

Additional equipment :