This profile grinder machine is designed to work side walls' of stone plate with thickness to 300 mm (according to the disc diameter) and to make a chamfer and a wide chamfer in a straight line. There is also a possibility of milling with the profile diamond cutters. The lenght of polished edge up to 2800 mm.


It is a single-spindle machine working with a mount compatible with bosch tools (dovetail, snap fasteners ) with electric lifting and lowering the spindle and manual setting the angle of the head's inclination between 0 and 90 degrees, greatly simplifying and speeding up the work.An electrically moved rotary table is blocked every 90 degrees, this enables a quick change of grinded surfaces without any additional material setting.

Two modes of work repetitive cycle (machine works until an operator turns it off) and automatic cycle which means that after programming the number of the spindle's passes along the side wall being worked the machine follows the program and afterwards the rotary table with the material moves away from the spindle which turns off and returns to the start point. Then the operator changes the segment to a higher one and turns the machine on again.

Easy service, use of low power motors: the main motor of 2,2 kW and the additional motors of 0,55 kW each.

The automatic cycle of work (it saves the operator's time during dressing the stone plates) are the features that make the grinding machine economical, efficient and needed in every stone dressing factory.

It does not need any separate foundations as it is placed directly on the floor on the area of 3,5 x 3,3m.



Basic parameters:

Table 1000x1000 mm
Power supply 14 kW / 400V / 30 A / 50 Hz
Spindle speed 1500 obr/min
Slider drive Vr=2,0m/min / PS=0,55kW
Table drive Vw=3,9 m/min / PS=0,55 kW
Water consumption 30 l/min
Disc's diameter 100-130 mm
Weight 1050 kg


Profile grinder and edge polishing machine:

model control
PB/2800/MA manual+automatic

Additional equipment :